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Chisinau, Republic of Moldova



Could you start by telling us a little about yourself, including your role at our company, what your day-to-day responsibilities involve, and your experience in this field?
“I’ve been in the tech industry for 16 years, focusing on network solutions. At our company, I’m the Network Architect. My daily role involves overseeing network designs and ensuring they meet our clients’ needs. I collaborate with teams to guide our projects from concept to execution.

I started as a network technician, gaining a solid technical foundation, and gradually took on roles with more responsibility. Now, as a Co-Founder and Network Architect, I use my experience to lead our company’s strategic initiatives and ensure excellence in our network services. Every day offers new challenges and opportunities to innovate.”

Reflecting on our journey to date, what do you think were the key strategic decisions you made that shaped the company’s evolution?
“From the start, our company focused on networking services, which was a key decision for our growth. We used our knowledge and skills in network technologies as the basis for our business. This helped us become well-known and respected in the market. Focusing on networking also made our operations more efficient and allowed us to offer solutions that exactly met our clients’ needs. This built trust and loyalty with our clients, as they saw we were dedicated to serving them well.”

As a co-founder, how did you contribute to innovation within the company and its adaptation to market changes?
“As a co-founder, I played a key role in helping our company stay innovative and adapt to changes in the market. I was always learning new things to keep up with the fast pace of our industry. In the beginning, with a small team and limited resources, I quickly learned how to overcome obstacles and take advantage of new opportunities. This included getting to know new technologies, understanding the latest trends, and gaining more business knowledge. I also worked on building strong partnerships with other companies, including industry leaders and tech providers. These partnerships gave us access to new technologies and helped us enter new markets, keeping us competitive.”

Could you tell us what inspired you to co-found this company and the ambition that drove this decision? What is the company’s core purpose, and why did you choose to pursue this journey?
“Our company was founded on a strong passion for telecommunications and technology and a shared goal to use our knowledge to develop the best solutions. Seeing poorly built or configured networks motivated us to do better, aiming to ensure every project we handled worked perfectly. This led to our slogan, “ITcare where perseverance meets commitment,” highlighting our dedication to delivering high-quality solutions for our clients.”

How have you shaped the company’s organizational culture and what values do you believe are critical to the continued success of our team?
“In creating our company’s culture, we’ve focused on making sure our work environment is built on honesty, clear communication, and high standards. We encourage open discussions and teamwork, ensuring everyone can share ideas and concerns to help the company succeed. This approach has helped us make the most of our team’s abilities and spur innovation. We also value continuous learning and skill development, investing in our team’s growth to stay flexible and competitive in a fast-changing market.”

How have you managed risks and uncertainties as a co-founder and what lessons have you learned from these experiences?
“Trusting the team, I started the business with has been a key part of our approach to handling risks. From the beginning, I made sure to work with talented people who shared our vision and values, enhancing our company’s capabilities and bringing a variety of skills. Allowing team members to own their roles and make decisions has been crucial for effective risk management. This empowerment let us use our collective expertise and creativity to spot risks early and come up with solutions ahead of time. This team-based way of managing risks has made our group stronger and more flexible in facing challenges.”

Are there any moments or decisions you are particularly proud of in our journey together?
“I’m proud that my colleagues and I had the courage to take the first step and develop our idea. Starting a business requires bravery, and we took the challenge head-on, eager to make our vision a reality. Despite the inevitable uncertainties and hurdles, we stayed committed to our idea, believing in its potential and dedicating ourselves to its success. We aimed high, pursued our passion with grit, and our initial leap of faith set the stage for all our achievements, obstacles, and valuable lessons. I’m thankful for the incredible determination our team showed and for the constant support and teamwork that have been crucial throughout this adventure.”

What do you consider to be the most important contributions you have made to the professional development of the team?
“I’ve placed great importance on promoting continuous learning and growth in our team. By offering skill-building opportunities like training programs, mentorship, and practical experiences, I’ve helped team members grow their knowledge, improve their skills, and move forward in their careers. I also encouraged them to innovate and try new things, allowing space for creative ideas, smart risks, and learning from both wins and mistakes. This culture of creativity and learning has helped our team achieve more and bring about significant improvements in our organization.”

Given the experience and knowledge gained in your role within the company, what tips or strategies would you suggest to colleagues starting their careers within our company, and beyond, to achieve success and effectively contribute to team and company goals?
“I would offer the following tips and strategies to colleagues starting their careers within our company, and beyond, to achieve success and effectively contribute to team and company goals:
1.Treat challenges as chances to learn and grow. Welcome feedback and seek new experiences to improve your skills.
2.Build strong bonds with colleagues, clients, and partners through effective communication and teamwork.
3.Set and follow clear, realistic goals. Break big goals into smaller tasks and track your progress.
4.Proactively look for opportunities. Volunteer for projects and take extra responsibilities that match your strengths.
5.Manage your time wisely, prioritizing tasks. Use organizational tools to keep focused.
6.Seek feedback for self-improvement and growth opportunities. Find mentors for guidance and insights.
7.Prioritize client needs, aiming to provide great value and exceed expectations for their satisfaction.”

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