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Chisinau, Republic of Moldova


April 19, 2023

Customer Story

One of our customers asked us to help with a new design for their network because it was very unreliable and complex. They had a large, flat IP network with multi-area OSPF(during the audit we also found multiple static routes at some POPs…) and a partial mesh of iBGP sessions. Managing this network with more than 30+ routers spreading across the entire country was proving to be a daunting task, especially when dealing with issues such as fiber cuts, incidents, provisioning of new services or expanding the network with additional routers.

To add to the complexity, the customer attempted to isolate their management from the data network, which made spreading a management vrf lite across the entire network even more difficult. This required additional interconnects and OSPF/BGP sessions on each router. Providing layer 2 transport services for the customer was also a nightmare, as bridging a VLAN in the entire network from point A to point Z was extremely challenging.



To address these issues, we decided to re-design the network in layers and planned multiple phases to introduce MPLS into their network. The new design was built with level 2 IS-IS for loopback reachability between PEs. On top of that, we introduced three Virtual Route Reflectors that were deployed at three of the customer’s geo-redundant Data Centers. This new approach eliminated the need for a full mesh of BGP sessions, as all routers now only had to BGP peer with Route Reflectors.

For MPLS Label Distribution, we opted for a mix of LDP and RSVP. This decision was made because the link capacity between the POPs varied, and at some points, it was necessary to use links as primary/backup or perform unequal load balancing. This new approach provided the customer with a more efficient and manageable network infrastructure.

With the introduction of MPLS, we were also able to isolate the customer’s Data Network from their Management Network by implementing MPLS L3VPNs. This not only simplified network management but also improved overall network security. Additionally, Layer 2 transport services were migrated to L2VPNs or VPLS with multihoming for redundancy, making it easier for the customer to provide these services across their entire network.

To deliver IPTV services via multicast, since almost all PEs were serving IPTV customers to keep optimal bandwidth load across all MPLS links we decided to introduce NG-MVPN with RSVP point-to-multipoint S-PMSI tunnels. To keep PIM-SM Randevouz Point redundant, we used Anycast RP solution.

The result of our MPLS implementation has been a significant improvement in the customer’s network management capabilities. The new network design is more streamlined, easier to manage, and more resilient in the face of incidents or fiber cuts. The customer is now equipped with a more robust and efficient network infrastructure that supports their growth and enhances their service offerings to their clients.

We are proud to have played a vital role in the transformation of the customer’s network infrastructure, and we are committed to delivering innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our team’s expertise in network design, MPLS implementation, and the seamless migration of services has ensured a smooth transition for the customer and has laid the foundation for their continued success in the competitive service provider landscape.

This project serves as a testament to our dedication to providing world-class network solutions and the value that our expertise can bring to businesses in a variety of industries. We look forward to continuing our partnership with this customer and supporting their ongoing growth and development.

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